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Covid 19 Risk Assessment

At WithWings Therapy, good hygiene and client safety has always been top of the agenda.


Due to Covid, I am now following WHO and government guidelines


This is just a summary of my risk assessment. If you want the full detailed version, please email a request and I will send it to you.


All surfaces that you may touch on entering the premises will be sanitized before and after each client.  The therapy room and equipment used during your treatment will receive a through clean between appointments.

You will be asked to use an anti-bacterial gel before entering the room – unfortunately I don’t have a convenient washroom.  This also means there is no toilet availability at this time.

You are required to wear a mask when entering my premises, and for that to be kept on, until you lay down on the couch.  At this point, you may remove the mask, while your head is placed in the head support.   Once you turn over, you put the mask back on while I finish the treatment. The only point it may be removed is if you are having a face treatment.​

You will be asked to complete and sign a Covid-19 questionnaire before having any treatment. This must be returned before you attend.

Please bring your own bottle of water and anything you feel you will require (hair bands etc)

A fresh cover sheet will be laid over my sofa for each client, with an optional box if you would like to use, to put all their personal affects in. This box will be plastic and cleaned between each client.

I will be wearing a face shield, and i put on a mask when I massaging your neck and face area. Please be informed,  i will not be wearing gloves. 


For the time being, payment is CARD only.   Cashless payment limit for my machine is £45 which is standard.  I will wipe my machine between usages.  I am in the process of looking into people pre-paying with an SMS link should they wish to not use my machine.  There is always the options of pre-pay by banks transfer as well

If you think there is a possibility you may have been around, exposed to, worked with or around, anyone who may have, or have had, the virus in the last 14 days, please reschedule your appointment and wait out the recommended amount of time before rescheduling.  In the light of the current rise in cases, if you feel you have socialised alot and put yourself in a situation of enhanced risk, please consider moving your appointment to be considerate to others.

 I appreciate your support and participation at this time. My priority is to protect you and your family, as well as ours, and all other clients that may be entering the building.

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