Body Massage

It helps relieve the tension from stress, often caused by modern day living, hunched over laptops and computers.  Massage encourages the healing of the systems affected by stress, particularly the muscular system, draining you of energy. Having studied Thai Table Massage, I have added that to my box of tricks to add to the treatment when appropriate.

Allow: 45 mins back, neck and shoulders

or 1hr/1hr 15mins for full body. Quick express 30 minute is available

Indian Head Massage

This is a therapy that has been practised in the Indian sub-continent for centuries. It involves massage of the scalp, face, neck, upper back, arms and shoulders in a seated position.  It smooths, comforts, rebalances the energy flow to produce a feeling of well-being and tranquillity. A great introduction to those that might not want fully body-work.

Allow: 45 mins


There is a whole load of controversy over this treatment.  From my own experience and offering this service for over 4 years as well as receiving the treatment myself. It helps break down wax over several treatments, which helps wax to disperse. It does have other great benefits, helping with wet ear – helps dry it out. Good for helping to clear sinuses, and I believe one of its greatest benefits is helping get your ears ready for flying – reduced/no popping and reduced/no pressure. Worth trying before your next holiday abroad

Allow: 45 mins

Facial Massage

Close your eyes and drift off during your facial treatment as tension leaves your body, and wake up feeling revitalised both inside and out. Some who have received this treatment have noted that they have benefited from sleeping better afterwards and relief from other stress-related problems.

Facial massage is a gentle way to tighten facial contours, reduce lines, calm puffiness around the eyes and to give skin a softer, smoother and brighter feel. 

Two types are offered - Muscle rejuvenation which starts with staccato movements but ends with a lovely flow and relaxation OR a massage designed to unlock the tensions of the face

Allow 45mins as it is combined with neck and shoulders but can be a 1hr treatment or longer if combined with more body massage


Currently studying a course in Clinical Aromatherapy which will be completed this October.  If you have extra half an hour you can add to your massage, for a free consultation and trial with aromatherapy oils, I would love the extra practice and there would be no extra cost. Just let me know.


COMING SOON - hopefully end of July/August

As part of my Clinical Aromatherapy training I have learnt Aromaflexology.

This uses the reflex points to make an assessment together with a consultation to best understand what your body needs to treat disorders, as well as relax the whole body and mind. Feet feel amazing too and they are so often ignored.

Using a carefully selected blend of beautiful essential oils you receive a foot massage.

The treatment aims to improve both physical and emotional health by stimulating the body's own healing system

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