There are many reasons to think about having a massage. Often people only think about it when something starts to ache, however it should be such a key part of how you can best look after yourself. Not only your body,  but mental well-being too. Mental health is on the rise, it is key to find that 'You' time, letting go, giving your body and brain that chance to have a break; where for that time you can try and gain some peace  

Stress in this modern world is affecting us all. So many of the conditions we suffer from; digestive problems, skin issues, headaches, heart palpitations, anxiety and the list goes on and on. It really does affect us in so many ways. People seldom link these to stress at all, but often it is the route cause. For example tension in the neck (so common with all computer users) can restrict nerve impulses to the diaphragm, influencing not only our breathing but also the functioning of our visceral organs. If we don't breathe correctly, we don't take in enough oxygen and already there are energy problems

Touch is as important as food, water and oxygen. In experiments where adults were deprived of touch they were seen to become mentally off-balance. The skin is an organ itself – the body’s largest - and can be considered to be the surface of our brains. With no stimulation of the skin, it seems that a deficiency of sorts arises within the brain, negatively affecting our psychological state 

It is not unusual for people not accustomed to massage, to not want other people to touch them.  In this instance, don't rule it out altogether, there always are ways to introduce massage without touching the main body.  A facial massage is a very good starting place, perfect for clients less comfortable with hands-on body work, it only requires exposure of neck and shoulders, or just massaging hands and feet.  Massage is done with a firm touch, so if you are worried about tickly feet it may well not be the case!

Why facial massage, that won't relax the whole body - wrong!

By massaging the facial muscles, neck and shoulders it goes right through the body via the skin. The sensory feedback from the face, head and neck, transfer to the brain via the cranial nerves, this treatment provides intense relaxation, soothes the mind and offers a sense of well being from head to toe. Deep-seated and stubborn tensions are released, allowing  the layers of muscles and connective tissue to soften. It goes back to before our birth, where the embryos, skin, nervous system and lining of the mouth and brain develop from the same layer. This supports the reason why massaging the face is such a beneficial treatment. This is added, together with a deep relaxing massage of neck and shoulders, giving you the feeling of a whole body experience. As well as physiologically helping the facial massages to relax, psychologically we can give some time to empty the brain.  It could be said your face opens up like a flower


If I can make you feel good, hopefully you will feel you look good, and if you look good, you feel good.

“Massage is good for the Mind, Body and Soul”

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