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The start of my journey

Hi there

I have to say this is hopefully 3rd time lucky! I might have certain talents, but IT is definitely not one of them! I accidentally deleted my two previous attempts, so maybe there was someone out there trying to tell me something. So as advised I am writing this on word and transferring it over to my Blog. And for those close to me, I do take advice sometimes

I am Natalie. I have been a massage therapist for over 30 years. It is such a wonderful thing to do for someone, make them feel better. I get such pleasure but wanted to give more. I would particularly like to specialise treating people who are stressed or have mental health issues. I have had such close personal contact with these areas, it would be lovely to have the tools to give so much more. The power of essential oils is amazing. The smell alone can do so much

So back in March, I left my job of 28 years and made the move that I wanted to do more massage and change the path that I was on. A friend recommended I attended a course run by DoTerra called AromaTouch, it would give me a chance to work with some essential oils without being an Aromatherapist. It was love at first sight and I just knew I wanted to learn more.

I looked up a course that suited me money and time wise and also had a great reputation; you want to learn from the best. So in September I enrolled with the Penny Price Academy and my journey begins. It made me think; I have a website for my massage, why not share my experiences learning about essential oils. It will help me learn at the same time.

If you do buy any essential oils, make sure you are buying quality products, not just anything off a chemist’s shelf. Make sure they are a therapeutic grade. Some oils could be synthetic and harmful to the body and have no value at all. Buy from a reputable company that you have definitely heard specialises in essential oils, like DoTerra, Tisserand, Neals Yard to name a few. My college Penny Price has an on-line shop selling reputable oils, that have been tested for purity.

I can’t start this blog without thanking @alchemyofordinarythings for her support, but also her amazing photographs which hopefully you will enjoy with each post. If there are any that don’t look amazing you will know I have taken them  - she is a busy lady whose talents are sort after, but always kind enough to find time to take a photo for me.

I have to say at this point, the boring bit, a disclaimer really, that all my posts about Aromatherapy are my own experiences and lessons I am learning. Nothing I post replaces readers obtaining medical advice. I am a student, and any advice about a medical condition should be obtained from a healthcare professional. Just as an example: if you have very sensitive skin you have to be so careful and use very diluted oils, there are also oils you can’t use if taking certain medication. So be sensible and be armed with full knowledge before you try anything. Essential oils are wonderful things but they are powerful, and some of the stronger oils can cause a reaction if not used sensibly. Also there is always that 1 in a million that reacts to the gentlest of oils. So enjoy, but you do need to check with a professional if you are intending to buy a pure essential oil on how to best use it. I will add this paragraph at the end of each oil I write about to remind people to take care.


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