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Natters on Aromas - Frankincense

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

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Frankincense - made from the resin

This oil is a base note

Family: Burseraceae

Boswellia Carterii

It is made from oily gum resin from 16 different species of tree of the Boswellia Carterii

The name Frankincense is derived from the old French ‘Franc encens’ meaning pure essence.

This oil is one of the best for ageing skin; you most probably have seen the name on products sold by companies like Neal’s Yard. It is great for treating, dull, wrinkled and aged skin, and is thought of as a rejuvenating oil. The Egyptians used it for embalming. The oil is understood to have anti-oxidant properties, so is not only good for older skin, but also great for scars and stretch marks.

It's good used in massage oil and in creams for dry skin, and can also be added to a carrier oil in the bath to improve tired ‘saggy’ skin – either due to age, or maybe rapid weight loss. Also helpful for people who smoke whose skin needs a little extra help.

It also has expectorant and anti-catarrhal properties. So while soaking in the bath, the steam will be great for releasing nasal and bronchial blockages, as well as just smelling lovely. Helps asthma too that is brought on by nervous tension. So if you are feeling a little tight and wheezy, soak in a bath that has had Frankincense added (in a carrier oil). Especially helpful for a bath you take at night. If you don’t fancy a bath, and your breathing is a little laboured, six drops of oil in an aromatherapy burner or diffuser together with taking some deep calming breaths could help. Obviously if more than laboured and struggling call 999. Don’t wait for an essential oil to help.

For those women who struggle with heavy bleeds each month, it is a good oil to rub into the tummy, as it is uterine tonic. Or again just hop in that bath – or maybe never leave it for all the above reasons. Might get a little chilly after a while!!

Some scientists are looking into the benefits of Frankincense for arthritis. They got the idea from the fact that a Somalian community uses the extracts of Frankincense as a traditional herbal remedy for their arthritic conditions. In 2011, these scientists from Wales believed they could demonstrate that treatment with the extract of Frankincense from the particular tree Boswellia frereana inhibits the production of key inflammatory molecules which can help break down the cartilage tissues which cause this problem.

So to all things mind and emotional related.

This oil is felt to help people with depression. It can be both soothing and stimulating, so when someone is depressed and needs to get moving again, this would be a suitable oil for them. Good for people who have suffered traumatic experiences.

This is where the oil is good for me. On a day to day level, if you inhale this oil it can help with an agitated mind; one with many thoughts and one that worries. Especially when you get the feeling of being overwhelmed.

I will share something personal. Recently, I went on a course to calm the mind. It focused on the benefits of meditation. I left determined to meditate every day, and I have. I can’t say it is always for the 30 minutes that I intend, but everyday I do something. However, I do have what my yoga teacher calls Monkey Mind!!!! Drives me mad when I'm trying to meditate. So I am going to make myself a rollerball of frankincense and see if that is calming. Just before I uploaded what I wrote, I decided to try it this morning after a very stressful start and it seemed to help. So will do so again.

Gabrial Mojay says very similar – an oil with the ability to relax and revitalise. A great treatment oil for someone with nervous tension and exhaustion. Helps cease mental chatter and still the mind ready for meditation or pray.

For Amanda it is the Oil of Truth. A cleaner of spiritual darkness. Connecting the soul with an inner light. Shields the soul from negative influences. She agrees it enhances the power of meditation. She also adds it is a good oil for creating a healthy attachment with one’s father; make you feel loved and protected.

Please remember when reading this, it is for fun and information. I am writing this as I study. If anything rings true for you and you would like to use Frankincense oil, be careful, take advice from a professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

None of the above is in place of medical advice. It’s just my knowledge journey with Frankincense. I am not suggesting any diagnosis, treatment or cure.


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