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Updated: Feb 18, 2019

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For me I couldn't start the day without a Ginger Shot. Literally gives you that kick you need to get on with things. A real brain hit. I always make sure I take one every day during the winter months to stave off colds, or help those bugs not last as long. However, I prefer to be preventative, take the shot and hope to avoid the cold altogether.

It is important with this oil, to note it can be skin irritant if not properly diluted. Also very importantly is known to thin the blood, so NOT to be used on anyone talking blood thinners like Warfarin.

It is a very warm, earthy and sweet-spicy oil which is extracted from the cells beneath the epidermis of the rhizome of well dried ginger. It is where it gets its distinct flavour from. It is the same plant family as Cardamon and Turmeric. Its spicy aroma is mainly due to the ketones, especially in the gingerols. Zingiberene is the predominant constituent of the oil, which is where it gets its name from. The Zingibain is where is gets it’s anti-inflammatory properties. It is an analgesic of nature.

If the oil is CO2 extracted it contains higher levels of gingerol, which is the chemical responsible for anti-nausea. I know that some people after chemo can feel very nauseous, so maybe worth speaking to a practitioner about how this oil might help. You could be having an attack of nausea from too much travelling or maybe a bit too much overindulgence – just put a few drops on a pad of cotton wool, and smell at intervals.

Talking of cancer, I have read that studies have focussed on the anticancer activities of ginger essential oil; this has been associated due to the anti-oxidant activities of gingerol and zerumbone, two components of Ginger. Apparently these powerful components are able to suppress the oxidation of cancer cells, and some studies have shown it to be effective at suppressing CXCR4, a protein receptor. This is one for the experts, but wow, essential oils have so much power we need to learn more about. It has already been reported to inhibit tumour promotion in mouse skin. As a vegan I hate the thought of animal trials but still, an interesting finding.

It has been used for many thousands of years for treating numerous problems – colds, nausea, arthritis, migraines and hypertension. I use it also for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also good as an antiseptic, carminative (flatulence – ummm not sure I have seen that effect yet!), decongestant, laxative, stomachic and a tonic. Apparently, also helps reduce fever. So I think you can see from a lot of this list it is so good to take during the winter months. It also reduces redness in the skin. I suffer from rosacea and my facial skin can easily have red patches from sensitivities. I am going to look up the proportions to put in a skin moisturiser and see how that helps and will report back.

Anyway enough of the science that can be boring, but you can see from its chemical make-up why it is good for anti-inflammatory products and also happens to be an antioxidant. Tumeric is also HUGE at the moment for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Studies in America showed that a daily ginger supplement reduced exercise induced muscle pain by 25% in a sample of 74 people. Another University in the US took 261 people with osteoarthritis, and when taking a ginger extract twice daily they experienced less pain and took less meds.

Ginger oil is often massaged onto aching muscles to remove muscle strain.

I found this recipe on the Absolute Aromas website which is another great distributor of essential oils. So if you have need of a soak after a lot of exercise, or feel you have some muscle strain – perhaps try this.

Blend 2 drops of Ginger, 3 drops of Orange and 1 drop of Patchouli in a teaspoon of Coconut oil and add to the warm water. Doesn’t have to be coconut oil.

For those who like to diffuse this is a nice recipe. Ginger gives a good grounded feeling, great for late afternoon when your energy is flagging. Try 3 drops of wild orange, 2 drops of Ylang Ylang and 2 drops of ginger.

While studying the Tisserand Oil Safety course it has been interesting to learn the following

“Intermittent diffusion is much more effective, as well as being safer, than continuous diffusion. Intermittent means 30-60 minutes on, then 30-60 minutes off.

This is because our body, especially our nervous system, habituates after this length of time. With continuous diffusion, while benefits do not increase, there is evidence that the body becomes stressed in various ways.

However, very low levels of diffusion – so the essential oil is barely noticeable – are fine anywhere, for any length of time.”

Ginger is a good expectorant and effective in various respiratory problems.

I just love this – did not expect to read this as a benefit of ginger oil; but apparently records show that in Senegal, women weave belts of the powdered Ginger to arouse the dormant senses in their husbands. They do say Ginger has warming properties!!!!

It is a circulatory stimulant, hence the above effects are so good for cold hands and feet. A couple of drops in a plain tub of cream would be nice to massage into hands and feet. How comforting would that be for the elderly who suffer so much for the cold, such a nice treat?

Chinese believe that ginger boosts and strengthens the heart. They treat Ginger as a Fire and Water element. Preliminary results show that it may be helpful in the reduction of cholesterol levels. I for one have slightly raised levels so may try this and report back. Maybe with the few drops in my cream, applied to my face, the ginger that makes its way through to my blood through the exposure to the skin – might be double whammy – who knows? Going to read up more about this.

The stimulating effects of Ginger are believed to help relieve depression, mental stress, exhaustion, restlessness and anxiety. It can also help boost confidence and morale, particularly in those with poor vitality, give them a lift. Sorry to harp on about my ginger shot, but it really does give you that oooh wow factor.

I hate waste, so when I make my ginger shots, which include apples, I save the pulp from the juicer and add jumbo oats. Then give it a good mix around like you are making crumble, add a good glug (but not too much) of rapeseed oil and a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup. Give that another good mix and then add lots of chunky chopped up nuts – delicious. Not sweet, also not clumpy, so if you like more clumps of oats you might have to adjust the recipe. Feel like I am getting the added fibre from my juice in a very yummy form.

As I did with Lavender, I will see what Amanda and Gabriel say about the emotional properties of Ginger.

Love this. Amanda feels Ginger has a purpose and will fulfil it and we know it packs a punch. It helps the person be fully present and participate in life – be purposeful and accountable. On the flip side it addresses the issues of victim mentality and those that feel powerless. Those that are stuck and blame others.

So what does Gabriel Mojay have to say

Ginger is indicated for those who may have clear plans and good intentions but who lack the personal drive and optimism to manifest initiative and take real or immediate action. These individuals can doubt themselves” - Who needs a bucket full!!!

Two very different people, but in their own words delivering a very similar message.

Please remember when reading this, it is for fun and information. I am writing this as I study. If anything rings true for you and you would like to use Ginger oil, be careful, take advice from a professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

None of the above is in place of medical advice. It’s just my knowledge journey with Ginger. I am not suggesting any diagnosis, treatment or cure.


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